NOTE: In fall 2019, first day of School and Registration opens on Saturday September 7, 2019 @9:30am. Please see flyer at end of this page for school locations and details


Mukul Hindi School is a registered non-profit charitable organization (Revenue Canada registration # 89925-1821-RR0001) that has been operating in the National Capital Region since 1971.

Aptly named as a flower about to blossom, "Mukul" was created in 1971 to provide its students with rich cultural experiences and add to their personal growth in their blossoming years. The very first classes were held in the National Library on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

The history of Mukul is closely interwoven with the Indian community in Ottawa-Hull. Over the years, the school has grown to a point where it started operating under the aegis of both the Heritage and International Language Programmes of the Ministry of Education, Ontario. The school operates as a non-profitable charitable organization.

Mukul Hindi School is governed by its own constitution, a copy of which is available from the Policies & Procedures Section of Mukul's web site. The general body of the school, consisting of the teachers and parents/guardians of the students currently enrolled in Hindi Language classes at Mukul Hindi School, elects a Voluntary Management Committee every year during the Annual General Body Meeting.

The Management Committee of Mukul Hindi School operates under the constitution of Mukul Hindi School. While the board is responsible for delivering the language program, the committee has the responsibilities of promoting Indian Heritage and Culture, as well as the interests of parents/guardians and students of Mukul Hindi School. The committee works with the O.C.D.S.B in order to deliver the Hindi Language programme more effectively.

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